VSG – Verein für Sozial – und Gemeinwesenprojekte

Overcoming social challenges and addressing societal issues and needs with individual offers, professionalism and a positive approach: this is the mission of VSG.

Security of employment, apprenticeships and educational opportunities are major political concerns in Upper Austria. The VSG applies a holistic approach through which its clients feel acknowledged, cherished and respected. By doing so, new opportunities are being discovered and a long-term-perspective in regards to employment, counseling and education is laid out. Society itself is characterized by transformations. In order to be able to keep up with these changes, the projects within the VSG adapt to these new parameters which enables them to be: rooms for self-actualization in which skills, potentials and capabilities are highlighted instead of focusing on shortfalls.

Homepage VSG: https://www.vsg.or.at/en/home/

The VSG employs over 60 people in 7 projects. Each project covers a key aspect: from work and education, child and youth care, to the effective management and support for volunteers:

ULF- Unabhängiges LandesFreiwilligenzentrum

ULF is the platform in Upper Austria for volunteers in the social sector. ULF motivates and empowers all people regardless of their age, gender and ethnicity to become active volunteers and provides useful information, workshops and tools for them. Homepage: http://www.ulf-ooe.at/

ZusammenHelfen in Oberösterreich

ZusammenHelfen in Oberösterreich – the place to go when it comes to “support for refugees” is an initiative launched by Intragrations-Landesrat Rudi Anschober in 2016 and is a part of ULF. The basic aim of this initiative is to provide information for people supporting refugees and volunteering in this sector. It coordinates the different supplies and offers, supports the initiatives in this field, and edits all the relevant information in this field in a way that is comprehensible and easy to access. Homepage: zusammenhelfen.ooe.gv.at

Berufsorientierung KICK

KICK offers youths and young adults living in Linz effective and lasting support in finding apprenticeships, jobs or training opportunities. Strategies for an individual work-related future are developed and actively put to work in the group or in individual conversations.

Lernzentrum LEARN

The learning center LEARN supports teenagers and young adults in their attempt to catch up on missed educational qualifications, and offers them the needed basic education for the improvement of their professional opportunities.

Frauenberatung WOMAN

WOMAN is a counselling for women aged 18 and above, offering them assistance especially on entering or re-entering the labor market.

Produktionsschule FACTORY

The production school FACTORY | WORK.BOX is a project for teenagers and young adults at the end of compulsory education, supporting them in their further school-based or vocational development.


MOVE is an individual offer for children, youths, and their parents or legal guardians and for under aged mothers in difficult life-situations. Together with the organization of the City of Linz, SJF (Social, Youth and Family), realizable goals which are future orientated are developed and put into action

Local Project Coordinator

S.Abena Twumasi

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