University of Alicante

The University of Alicante is a public university located on the Mediterranean coast. Because of our historical influences, excellent location and magnificent connections, we are a diverse-oriented and welcoming university with one of the best campuses in Spain, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of landscaping, sustainability and gender equality.

Although relatively young, we have a strong scientific and academic credibility which has allowed us to adapt to social changes and to the needs of our environment and lead a change of economic model based on research, innovation, entrepreneurship and actual transfer of knowledge.

We are a multidisciplinary university with study programmes in all fields of knowledge organised in six faculties and a polytechnic school. Our university spirit is based on a humanist comprehensive education, triggered by the Enlightenment and Classicism movements. As a result, we possess powerful and varied cultural and sports proposals.

The university community is made up of about 3,800 academic and administrative staff members and over 32,000 students enrolled in official degrees. Our human capital is focused on overcoming the challenges of today’s society with their high-quality, innovative and well organised citizen-oriented services.

We are a bilingual university with a clear international vocation for which we are firmly committed to multilingualism, both to our institution and to all members of the university community. That is why we have introduced English as a teaching language in some of our official degrees. Also, many of our cultural activities and courses are taught in English, French and other languages.

We are both a Valencian and European university, open to the Mediterranean and to all cultures worldwide, a university that welcomes around 1,200 foreign students each year and around 2,000 students from other Spanish regions.

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