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The project Welcome and Integration Process for Refugees in Europe (WIR project) covers the most important and challenging theme that nowadays the European Union and its members are facing: the migration phenomenon and the welcoming and integration of refugees. A large partnership composed of 7 European countries (Sweden, Italy, Latvia, Germany, Spain, Austria, Finland) with 6 public authorities, 2 associations and one University.

Migration can be considered both an opportunity and a challenge at EU level. On the one hand, structural measures to look beyond crises and emergencies and help European member states to better manage all aspects of migration, should be set up. On the other hand, misguided narratives and stereotypes, which tend to focus only on certain aspect of the migration phenomenon, create social and economic clashes in the member states and among member states at EU level. These two elements are at the core of this project. In fact, in order to eradicate stereotypes about migrants it is vital and essential to understand the strategies set up by the EU and the welcoming and integrating procedures implemented in the various member states.

Bearing in mind the complexity of the European context and the needs of a better understanding among citizens about what it is done at European, national and local levels, it is possible to identify the following objectives:

  • To increase knowledge about the EU strategy and approach towards refugees and asylum seekers based on the European Agenda for Migration
  • To increase knowledge about the processes of welcoming and integrating refugees in the partnering countries
  • To exchange best practices and compare European experiences on focus themes like, education and schooling, getting ready to work, cooperation with civil society and unaccompanied minors
  • To transfer or adapt new models for welcoming and integrating refugees
  • To create a tool explaining to the citizens the different approaches at work in the different EU countries

These objectives are strongly related to the priorities set in the Europe for Citizens programme, above all two of them: to encourage civic participation of citizens at Union level by developing citizens’ understanding of the Union policy making above all on “hot topics” such as that of refugees. The second priority is to combat stigmatisation and to foster mutual understanding. The project will offer an opportunity for an improved knowledge about the actions and responsibilities of different actors at European, national and local levels: a first but essential step to create intercultural dialogue and reciprocal understanding.

The project addresses also the transnationality issue under three perspectives:

  1.  The theme – Considering the migration phenomenon as the prime issue that the EU is called to face;
  2. The nature of the project partnership – project activities can be developed and implemented through the cooperation of organisations of different nature: local authorities, associations, NGOs and University.
  3. A comprehensive European partnership representing different European realities on the North/South-West/East axes with very different approaches to the migration theme.

About project

WIR is a European project. It is composed of 7 European countries with 6 public authorities, 2 associations and one University.

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